Wednesday, March 25, 2009

apron and lots more giveaway

I was just out wondering around blog land and came across this blogger! It is a really interesting blog, and I enjoyed reading lots of posts. She is giving away an apron and lots of other goodies, check it out!
Tammy and here is a picture:

Mini Swap finished

My friend Bea organized a mini quilt swap on HGTV. I had never done one before, but thought this would be fun. I joined up and finished my mini today. I am going to post the picture now, and get it in the mail tomorrow. I am pleased with the result. Hope my partner is too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Win a new Janome!

A website I check out a lot is designing a new website and it is all about quilting. They are getting started with a giveaway which is the new Marie Osmond Quilting machine for Janome! Man I would love to win that machine. So if you go there and register for thier newsletter, that gives you one entry and there are other ways to get entered, so check them out.
Use the button at the side over there ------------>

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As a lot of you know, I collect turtles. My favorite are sea turtles. SO while at bike week in Florida, I decided I needed a sea turtle tattooed on my foot. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I DID IT!! When you are 50, you should be able to do what ever you want, right?? :)

a picture for you all

Since I can`t post any pictures of the things I am working on. I decided to post one sneak peek of the RR I just finished doing. This is Lori`s block and is jungle themed!
The buttons are zebra striped. Her block is so cute.

It`s Thursday!

Well I promised myself more then anything to get some work in my sewing area down on my two days off. And I gave all of you my list to egg me on. So here is what I got accomplished. I finished piecing my mini for the swap, but can`t show it till MyJack, my swap partner gets it. It will still need to be quilted and bound, but the piecing is done. And I am very happy with how it turned out. I got my part of the RR done for that swap and it is ready to be handed on to the next person. I did get all my squares cut and mailed for the Scraps to Treasures challenge. I also got my Bingo FQers ready and will drop them in the mail tomorrow. And since I was looking through all my FQs, I got my ones ready for the retreat and for the April Birthday Swap that I am involved in!!! So even though there are still some items on my list, I am happy with what I got done. OH, and I cooked Jambalaya, made a pineapple upside down cake and cleaned the downstairs!! Wow, I am tired, now I need a day off from my days off!!! lol

Monday, March 16, 2009

Off for a few days!

If all goes well, I am off the next two days! And I have lots to do. I want to finish piecing my mini for the mini swap. I have all the tiny blocks done, just need to do the sashing and border. I also need to work on my Round Robin. I want to start a wall hanging, and cut fabric for a quilt that I am doing for Learningfa. an online teaching class for lots of different quilts. Now if that works out, I also need to go to the PO and mail out some things. Take my son for his physical for his learners permit. Jeez, I can`t believe how much I plan on doing in two days!!! NOW to see how much I get done! I will post on Thursday what I do get done. OOPS, almost forgot I need to piece my crazy quilt block for another online class. Does anyone want to come to my house for two days and help me!!! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

selvedge giveaway

This is a great giveaway! You can win a whole ball of selvedges. I wish I could post a link, but still have not figured that one out. BUT, if you go to my friends blog, she has a link. Her blog is Sew Happy Quilting and is listed on the side of my blog. Be sure to give her the credit for getting you to the right place.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I`mm back!!

Did you all miss me?? lol I had a great time in Florida. The weather was awful the first of the week, we froze our @#$#@ off, riding, but had fun anyway and then the end of the week was in the high 70s and I got a great sunburn. lol
Here (I hope) is a picture of me on a bike at one of the events. I got to go to a local quilt show too. It was the best of both of my worlds. biking and quilting!!
Well I have so much to catch up on, I better get off here and get some sewing done.