Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sheriff Sam arrests Jailbird Sue

I got everythingquilts block the other day, but have been sick as a dog with the flu. Wouldn`t you know it, I get a vacation and spend two days laying on the couch! Yuck.
Well anyway Everythingquilts did an awesome job on her blocks. She decided to turn Sue into a jailbird. I love the ball and chain she added to it.
Isn`t it great!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adding my HGTV friends blog links

Well I figured out tonight how to add links to other blogs!! So here are some of the ladies that are on HGTV quilting message boards. They are all great ladies, and we sure have a ball on there.
Next thing I want to do is add some pictures from our quilting retreat. We went to Houston this year, and the weather was perfect. Three of us left this cold state and headed to 80 plus degree weather. And what a wonderful time we had. All of the fellow quilters we met were great. We talk to each other so often, we were old friends way before we got there! BUT meeting and spending a weekend together, quilting, eating and shopping was one of the best things I have ever done.
Now on to New Hampshire next year and meet back up with all the old friends and from the looks of the group going, lots of new ones.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

everythingquilts gifts

A while back I hosted a pincushion swap. A newbie to our message board joined in and did a great job on her pincushions. It was her first swap and she really liked it. Not long after that she posted a picture of a clown dotee doll, she had made. I really liked it and asked her if she would trade me something for it. WELL, She not only sent me the clown, she made me this great turtle tote after she saw that I collected turtles. Now let me tell you, this lady is very talented!!! I can`t wait to see more pics of her work, it has all been wonderful so far.
Thanks Donna!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Death by Stash

This is one of Sweet Tea`s blocks

One of the Bad Sunbonnet Kids block

This is Bad Sam, peeing on the campfire!!! This block was made by NoTimeQuilter, for my charity quilts.

Joyce sent me this little Dottee Doll! Isn`t she darling.

Dear Friends

My dear friend from Ohio sent me a great surprise package today!! In it was some totally beautiful batik fabrics. And since she knew I collected turtles, she sent me a darling tiny carved turtle and some great sea turtle fabric. She also sent me a dottee doll. If you don`t know what a dottee doll is, just google it and see the great ideas people have come up with from all over the world!
I am going to add a picture of hers here.
This is one of the best things about the internet, the wonderful friends you can find and how they just seem to fit so well into your life. Some you get to meet, as I will soon meet my friend in Ohio. Her name is Joyce and we plan on spending a whole day at the Sewing Expo in Sharenville, Ohio a little later this month. I have also met some great ladies from other parts of the world and am sure I will never get the chance to meet in person. But the friendships are there, and that is what counts!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bad Sue Quilt

A few of us ladies on HGTV quilting message board are doing a Bad Sue or Sam or Bill block, to be put together for charity and one for my sister who has Huntingtons Disease. She will love the humor of a quilt like this. I will be posting pics of the blocks as they come in. My dear sweet friend Joyce is going to long arm the quilts for free.
One of the blocks I have already received is Sue drowning in her fabric stash. Now anyone that quilts can understand this!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My first post

Well I decided if everyone else on HGTV is getting one of these, then I need to have one too!!
I like doing anything with thread and needles. I crochet, quilt, and a lot of Crazy Quilting. I love the quilting board at HGTV, the friends I have met there are some of the nicest ladies. I like doing swaps and seeing the pictures they all post. I am so glad I found that site.