Saturday, June 14, 2008

everythingquilts gifts

A while back I hosted a pincushion swap. A newbie to our message board joined in and did a great job on her pincushions. It was her first swap and she really liked it. Not long after that she posted a picture of a clown dotee doll, she had made. I really liked it and asked her if she would trade me something for it. WELL, She not only sent me the clown, she made me this great turtle tote after she saw that I collected turtles. Now let me tell you, this lady is very talented!!! I can`t wait to see more pics of her work, it has all been wonderful so far.
Thanks Donna!


Sherry said...

Great start on your blog! Loved the bag when I saw it on HGTV!!!

Kathy said...

Loved the bag too! cute clown as well.