Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A blogger I just love to read!

I have a friend named Penny! I think I would love her if I knew her in person. She is so funny and her blogs almost always make me smile. She really should be a writer, not a lawyer, but in some ways that is the same thing. Her blog is on my sidebar, check it out, you will be glad you did.
Anyway, today when I read her blog, I kept thinking I KNOW THAT FEELING!
She discusses menopause in her witty, funny way. Seriously, I know how she feels, FAT, hmmmm When you reach menopause, your fat moves around on you, some days it is your butt, some days it is your belly. It all depends on what pants you wanted to wear that day. And stock up in bras of different sizes, cause the fat goes there, but only when you are not watching. I remember when I use to laugh at old lady nightgowns, but know wear them. They are wonderful, you get a shower, throw on the OLN (old lady nightgown), and you are good to go for the night. Get too hot, just rip your undies off, and you cool down at least three degrees. LITTLE things mean a lot!!
So all you young ladies, don`t laugh at the OLN, you will love them at some point.