Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing all my friends and family a very Happy New Year! May all your wishes and dreams come true in the new year. And don`t forget to write 2009! :)
See yah next year.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A great Christmas!

Well Christmas is over for another year, except of course for the Greek Orthodox. They will celebrate their Christmas on January 7th. They use the old calender. I always remember theirs, because that is also my birthday! I will be 51 this year. Anyway back to Christmas.
As you all know, my mother in law passed away in the beginning of December. She had made all these different kinds of cookies for the holidays as long as I can remember. But she always made my husband "orange cookies". Sometime after she passed, I heard my husband remark to someone that he would never get orange cookies again. So I did some searching online, and found what I believed to be the cookie he was talking about. On Christmas Eve, he had to work until 8pm. So my youngest son Joey, and I spent the whole day making cookies. I made up a tray of the orange cookies and set them on the counter. When my husband got home from work, that was the first thing he saw! I told him Merry Christmas, this is one of your gifts. He actually got tears in his eyes when I told him what kind they were and why I had made them for him. So for all the things he got, the orange cookies were his favorite gift.
And if you want to get a few tears of your own, check out my friends blog and see her Christmas miracle. It is Sew Happy Quilting in my list on the right. I still can`t seem to make links in my postings.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

To all my family, friends and anyone that happens upon my postings! MAy you all have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah or whatever you celebrate. May you be surrounded by your family and friends! I hope for you that all your dreams and wishes come true in the new year. And I thank you for stopping by now and then.
C is for children
H is for happiness
R is for reaching out to those less fortunate
I is for imagination, which without it, what would this world be
S is for Santa of course
T is for treasuring the memories
M is for all the Mothers that work so hard to make our holiday
A is for After Christmas fabric sales
S is for sewing up those fabrics
:) Just my little thoughts for the day!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I finally got my tree done!

Well Christmas really snuck up on me this year! (like usual) I finally finished my tree on Thursday night. I always get a real one. My son Justin and I went out to the tree farm on Sunday and picked out our tree and cut it down. I always like doing that with at least one of the kids. We have been doing this since Justin was born. He is 22. Wow, time really does go by so quickly. My youngest son will be 16 in just a few weeks. His birthday is one day before mine.
While Christmas shopping the other day, I had an exact list of what each person wanted and only bought from the list. I was thinking how much I miss buying toys and little gifts for the stockings. Someday, I hope to get a granddaughter! Since I have four sons, I never got to buy dolls and dresses and little girl things. I can`t wait! Well yes I can. I don`t think my two younger ones are ready for kids and one of my sons will probably never settle down and get married. The other one has a son, who is going to be 15!!
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah!
Family is what it is all about!

Sharon Bs challenge for 2009
I really hope that link works!
Go to her website and sign up for the challenge in needlework. Any and all CQers will love seeing her work, and what a great way to expand your knowledge!

A giveaway I found!

This was on Huntres9 brand new blog. Check out her blog and then go enter the giveaway she linked to. What a great bunch of goodies she has.
here is her link

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A great giveaway!!

Holee linked this site on her blog and what a great giveaway it is! You need to comment on your favorite charity and tell a little about why. That is all that has to be done to be entered for a chance at an awesome bunch of stuff!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My purse!!

Today was a great mail day! I joined an exchange on the crochet boards for a one time swap of a gift to a fellow crocheter. I got a name and someone got my name, but noone knew who they had until they received their gifts. I had Kobus, who lives in the Netherlands. I made her a filet crocheted hot pad and some small ornaments for on her tree. Well today I got my gift!! The neatest thing was she had ME!! She made me this awesome felted purse and flower pins! I love exchanging gifts with people and NOW I have this! Thanks Kobus!

Needlebook from Holee

Here it is opened up and with the little scissors my husband just got me.

Great Friends First Today!!

I have made such good friends on this computer, and as everyone knows NTQuilter is my best friend of all. I am working on a little surprise for her for Christmas and hope she really likes it. I also have become friends with everythingquilts and Holee from the HGTV boards. Well yesterday in the mail came the best needlebook, and the cutest little Russian doll ornament from Holee. She made a bunch of these dolls for a swap, but because of her health, did not get them done in time to swap. BUT she sent me one and I can`t wait to get her a ornament or two done up and sent to her. Here is my pics of them. I didn`t have a needlebook for embroidery things, but now I do!