Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sheriff Sam arrests Jailbird Sue

I got everythingquilts block the other day, but have been sick as a dog with the flu. Wouldn`t you know it, I get a vacation and spend two days laying on the couch! Yuck.
Well anyway Everythingquilts did an awesome job on her blocks. She decided to turn Sue into a jailbird. I love the ball and chain she added to it.
Isn`t it great!!


Jeanne said...

Cute blocks! Thanx for commenting on my Fall into Fall Giveaway. You need to send me an email address before I can enter your name.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tisme, good luck and thank you for entering my giveaway.Love the Bad Sun Bonnet Sue blocks. Regards Lyn

Andrea said...

This little quilt makes me laugh! Thanks for joining my giveaway! Good luck!