Sunday, August 30, 2009

College Move In Day

Today was move in day for my towns college, IUP. Since I am a restaurant manager in that town, WELL it is CRAZY. We get packed and run around like nuts, but I love it!
It is like our small quiet town gets bursted at the seams. And yes I know bursted is not a word, but works for me in this instance. lol
The kids are great and we really miss them over the summer. And today is the first day of our fair. I wanted to have a few things done to enter at the fair, but did not do it. So I should be ready way ahead of time for next year.
I am working on a mini quilt with a Halloween theme right now for a swap on HGTV. I love Halloween, so am excited about this project and if it turns out right, I will make myself one too. The other thing I am working on right now is my embroidered butterfly. I have an afghan that I am crocheting too. So depending on my mood, I pick up a needle of one kind or another and get to work. lol
I know I need to post pics and will get to that soon. The hard thing with that now that I have my laptop is that my picture resizer is upstairs in my sons room with the desktop and I am on the laptop all the time. And too lazy to go upstairs!!
One other thing that I am excited about is I am getting a new washer, dryer and fridge delivered tomorrow! Can`t wait, as all those appliances in my house now are over 20 years old, and am hoping to save on the electric bill with these new ones.
I got a front loading washer and dryer and the pedastal for them to sit on. Make it a little easier on the back too. :)

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Shogun said...

oooh I want a new washer and dryer. Glad to see you posting! I just realized it is college move in WEEK in the nearby college town this week, Tuesday through Saturday. It will be a zoo, but very exciting. I had to rush in the end to get a few things to enter into our fair, so I totally understand. I'll try and be more prepared next year. Sounds like you are working on quite a few things. Aren't the minis fun? I am sad I didn't join this swap, but I knew I would have no time to sew and didn't want to stress out. Talk to ya soon! p.s. can you tell me how to add the word verification and such to posting on my blog???