Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday!

I know my husband and sons will be watching the game. I plan on putting my Ipod on and sewing. That is what I got for Christmas (the Ipod), just for these occasions. Can tune out the noise and be in my own little world. lol
I don`t really care who wins or loses, just hope the score ends in 4 and 7, that is the numbers I have in a pool at work. I am saving up for a new Janome machine, so that would help!
I also bought the new Cloth, Paper Scissors mag to read and get some inspiration for my Art Quilt Challenge. I am ready to cut some fabric and play tonight!!
I hope your night is as good as mine looks to be.
(got chocolate too)


Jenn said...

Hope you enjoyed your ipod Superbowl Sunday sewing session. Hope we provided you with some useful inspiration for your art quilt too!
Jenn Mason, Editor, Cloth Paper Scissors

Shirley said...

WOW Tammy! That was really nice of Jenn Mason to acknowledge your post -- it is a good magazine and will be handing to use in our Challenges.

Shirley said...

ooops! I meant Handy!

Shogun said...

I also got an iPod for Christmas, what a coincidence! I see there is a quilting app available, but have not seen it. So is that a good magazine? I will have to look for it. How are you? How is your mom?