Saturday, January 15, 2011

My new challenge, Favorite Places

Our theme for this was Favorite Places! I picked a sea turtles favorite place.
I did not get completely finished before time ran out, but wanted to show it so far anyway. Now comes the beading and all the little extras, but here it is for now!


shawkl said...

Sea turtles...what a surprise! LOL! It looks great...and I hope your share it when all the beads and baubles are done too!


Jayardi said...

• • • I think it looks great now! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Connie said...

Wow does this look neat! That is a lot of work too!

patchouli moon studio said...

Looks Great! Are some of those of handyed fabrics? I just love handyed and batiks. I see I'm not the only one who photographs my quilts on the tile floor :0) Looking forward to seeing it quilted.