Friday, November 2, 2012

Woodlands, Forests RR

I am doing a CQinternational RR started by my friend Colleen. This is going to be so much fun! I had Pam`s block first and she had a great plan for hers. She wants the center flower to be highlighted by stitching all around it. I just finished my work and mailed it off to Cobi in the Netherlands.
I did the tree with all the roots under, then felted leaves for the branches. I wanted an owl for in my tree, but could not find one that fit, so the little squirrel moved in.


Cobi said...

You've made a lovely start on this block. I'm looking forward to receiving it to continue where you started off.

Sherry said...

Oh my! You are posting much either. Life gets busy doesn't it?!

Your CQ is just gorgeous. I need to make time to work on mine again. The only thing I've ever finished has been an "evening" bag.

Re: Your comment on my blog. I'm torn about you coming to live with me. I don't actually cook very much/often. DH doesn't like leftovers and it's frustrating to cook for him. This week for supper we've had canned soup, LEFTOVER white beans with ham soup and cornbread, breakfast burritos, chili and leftover cornbread.

But if you come live with me for a month or so, I WOULD have someone to cook for!!! Come on down! ;-)