Friday, October 24, 2008

A great giveaway and great friends

I popped onto my friend Talia`s blog to see what she was up too, and found this great giveaway for a watercolor painting of one child or infant. This ladies work is awesome and I would love to win! She is taking comments for the drawing until the end of October, so if you hurry over there and enter, maybe you will win. I must be crazy to post this as I want to WIN!! lol
I don`t know if my link will work or not so try it and if not go to
// just copy and paste if the link does not work. Please mention you found out about the giveaway from me so I get lots of entries.
On one other note, I have been gathering up healing hearts and different items for a friend of ours from the HGTV quilting message board. This lady was in a lot of our swaps and was the first one to send me a Demise of Sunbonnet Sue block. She made the Death by Stash block that is posted here.
Her husband was killed by a drunk driver and she is hurting very badly. We all at the message board wanted her to know, WE care!! So if you happen to read this and want to send a card, just leave me a note with your email or email me and I will give you my real address.
Till next time

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