Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Table Runner

Well. I finally took a whole weekend off! I had taken this weekend off to go to the Bedford Fall Festival, which of course was last weekend. I should have known not to start a project this weekend after that screw-up, but decided on Saturday to make a pumpkin table runner for my small kitchen table. I could only find a pattern that was for a placemat, but decided I could just enlarge, add some of my own ideas and it would work out fine.
First thing I realized was I do not have that many fall colors, and almost no orange, but not to be defeated, I found enough to think it would be ok. Next thing on the pattern was use fusible webbing, well the only kind of that I had was heavy duty Heat and Bond, so went right ahead and did that.
Now I don`t know that much about machine appliqueing, but started out fine, and then my needle kept gumming up and the thread breaking! So after about 3 needles, rubbing alcohol, rethreading alot!!! I finally got that done. Now I am finally at the end zone, (son is watching football right now)
I want to sew it together pillowcase style and put a binding just at the one end. Lay it all out, sew it all, looked great, no puckers, flip it right side out, BATTING is on the outside. I want to throw the whole thing in the garbage and go take a nap!! Unsew the whole thing, sew it the right way, after reading the directions, of course. And WALAAA, here it is just needing quilted. NOW, I am going to go take a nap!! lo


everythingquilts said...

LOL, Love the punkins. I enjoyed your story but had to laugh. I'm so guilty of the same thing. It took many mistakes before I finally realized it is easier to read the directions then unsew or having to throw it all away. I have wasted so much fabric because I don't take the time to think it all through. I just go to cutting. But it is all a great learning experience. I learn more from my mistakes. And a few times my mistakes have been design opportunities. I'm usually neat and tidy in my sewing room, but I made a quilt that had so many different fabrics that I failed to put them back on the shelve after I had cut each one. And when I finally glanced up I had 2 fabrics laying on top of each other the looked so fantastic together. I would have never thought to put those colors together. But it was a awe moment for me. Especially since picking fabrics seems to be so hard for me. If you look close at my SBS block you will see I thought I was using a blanket stitch. And was thinking this is taking forever, turn out it wasn't a blanket stitch at all. I was some kind of lock stitch that backtracks every stitch before making the next one. You won't ever have to worry about those blocks coming apart. I could have quilted a whole quilt in the time it took to stitch those 2 blocks. LOL

tisme said...

Donna, I know what you mean! I have discovered good things too, with my mistakes. For some reason, I assume I know what I am doing!! lol oh well on to the next project.

LongArmStitches said...

OH SO FUNNY! I would have loved to be there and heard the colorful words that came out of your mouth. GREAT job it looks great even with the problems you had.