Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day off!!

Since coming home from the retreat on the 27th, I have worked everyday but one!! I was so far behind in my sewing and cleaning up my stuff I bought while in New Hampshire. BUT today I fiinished cleaning and putting away my goodies. I also finished Bluesnails RR crazy block. I will deliver that on Friday. I finally decided on my idea for Shoguns mini quilt. So that fabric is in the dryer right now and tonight I plan on working on that. I have a partner for the One Block Swap, but she is away right now and I will call her this weekend to see what she wants on her block, so can`t start that till then. Maybe I will get some work done on my Miranda Bag from the retreat. I had all my fabrics ready and all my homework was done, but there just was not enough time to do it at the retreat. Some ladies got theirs done, but I just didn`t take the time to sit down and work on mine. AND if that is not enough, I still need to do a few practice pieces for my quilt design for the Scraps to Treasures quilt challenge on HGTV. I am pretty sure on my design, just need to see if I can get enough fabric out of squares to make my idea work.
Yesterday after work I planted four azalea bushes and a new crimson maple tree.
It is still too early to plant pansies and such, so will do that at the end of the month. My son got me a hummingbird feeder for Mothers Day, and I got that hung up.
I want to get another wind chime up. I love wind chimes!!! I buy one every year.
Ok, back to work, my fabric is dry!!!


Holee said...

For someone who works as many hours as you do, you seem to be getting an awful lot done.

When I worked, I was just glad to be home and do nothing!

I hope you like the partner you got in the swap. I had a hard time. So many names, SS to be careful with and I wanted everyone to be in a different area.

The first 2 times I swapped the names, I ended up with extra names! LOL, my son had to help me or a few wouldn't have gotten a box while some would have gotten 2!

The Long Arm of Stitches, LLC said...

I hope to get my Miranda Bag also one fo these days. Maybe Saturday.

Holee said...

Tammy, I just want to make sure you don't miss this:

Sherry said...

I was surprised when my name was called for the door prize at the Garage Party. They gave away two t-shirts and I wanted my name called then so I wasn't even thinking about the door prize basket...hadn't even looked in it. Having HD written all over everything...that was an extremely nice prize!

We've been warming up, but this morning it's 56!

Holee said...

Your swap partner asked me a ton of questions about you! She is going to the cross country yard sale thing...that sounds interesting! You might want to think about this and treasure hunt and tell me more! I did say red handled kitchen tools.

She also stopped by to see your bike photo since she had one in her "younger" days.