Saturday, May 23, 2009

hand quilting, 23rd anniversary

I have been doing hand quilting on the mini I am making for the HGTV mini swap. My partner is Shogun. I love this little quilt. I think it is probably my favorite piece I have done in a long time. I can`t wait to get the binding on it next week and get it sent to her. I have decided I love hand quilting small pieces and plan on doing a lot more!!
Today the 23rd of May is my 23rd wedding anniversary!!! I left work early today and went to Altoona with my husband to celebrate. I took him to the Olive Garden for dinner, and it was very, very nice. This is the first time, in I can not remember when that we did not take at least one of our sons with us. We went to the local antique store and flea market. I found a great book of embroidered flowers for only two bucks. That was all I bought at the flea market. I told my husband all I wanted was a pair of Crocs shoes, so of course we could not find them in about 20 stores at the mall. He took me to another shopping center and bought me two pairs of Crocs, and two tops for our anniversary!! So I made out very good! lol
Tomorrow we go up to my Moms camp and have a picnic for her birthday and to celebrate Memorial Day. On the way up every year, I stop at a nursery and buy her flowers and plants. I buy some for my house at the same time. I want to plant some asparagus this year too. I found out my whole family love fresh asparagus fried in olive oil in a cast iron skillet.
That is what I am up to on this weekend!


Holee said...

Congrats to you & your hubby!

Croc's are just great. Enjoy being with your Mom for the weekend. Asparagus takes time to take but it's great once you get it started.

Remind me to tell you what to do with it in the winter. I had a 50 x 8 foot section of it in Lancaster. I sure do miss it!

everythingquilts said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to you and DH.
Crocs are very comfortable to wear. I wear mine in the winter when it is just too cold to go with out socks.
I usually plant a garden every year, but I just have not found the time to do it this year. I love asparagus too. I've never had it straight from the garden but I'm sure it would be even more delicious.

JodyC said...

Happy Anniversary Tammy. Sounds like you had a very nice celebration.

what color crocs did you get?

Irish Kathi said...

HappY AnniVErSaRY!!! Glad you had a nice date with hubby. MMMmmm Olive Garden and a flea market..sounds perfect!
I don't think I know what Crocs are...or real ones anyway.

Shogun said...

Happy Anniversary!

My anniversary was also this month and I just posted a photo on my blog for our little anniversary trip.

The book you found sounds great. I love growing veggies in the garden.

I have never hand quilted - but I need to try. Can't wait to see this mini!!