Sunday, June 7, 2009

3 days off!!

I finally took three days off in a row!!! I have not had two off since the retreat back in April! Well we were suppose to go away for a few days to celebrate our 23rd anniversary, but I took off over the clean up days for our township!!! Bad move on my part. lol DH decided we needed to clean the basement, and he was right, but stilllllll.
So bright and early Friday morning, my two sons, one sons girlfriend, my husband and I started on the basement. What a mess it was. I NEVER, EVER throw anything away. And if someone is getting rid of something, I take it. I don`t know why I am like that, but my Mom and Grandmother were the same way. So at least I get it honestly.
I did really well this time though. We have a small trailer to haul our Harley in for trips and we filled it to the top 2 times with things that just needed thrown out. We filled the back of my pickup up with items for Goodwill, and took them and dropped them off. I finally saw the middle of my basement for the first time in like 5 years!!! lol
There is still a lot left, but I felt good about getting rid of the stuff that I did, and my family was proud that I got rid of some of my clutter. My husband has a table saw down there, and this morning he got to cut the few small blocks he has been wanting to for months, but could not get to the saw. I wish I had taken before shots, but will post after shots when we are finished cleaning it up.
So today was a ME day!! I finished up the label for the mini that I am swapping with Shogun and got it sewn on, ready to mail out tomorrow. I am very happy with how this turned out and can not wait to see mine from Ali. I want to make a rail fence quilt that is a lesson on learningfa, a quilting group from Yahoo that I belong to. So picked out the fabric and also cleaned up my sewing area some. Now I am off to start cutting that and the fabrics for the One Block Swap that is going on at HGTV now.
I had participated in an HGTV round robin crazy quilt piece that started last October. I sent two pieces for a purse that I wanted to make when it got back to me.
WELL, most of the ladies have gotten thiers back that were in my group, but one lady that should have mailed mine on May 15th has still not sent it to the last one to work on it before coming home!! I am sad about this in a few ways, one being I want my pieces back, and that she could have joined our group and not kept up her end of the bargain. I understand she had problems throughout the swap. She sent some on that she did not do any work on, and some very late. This is not the way that things should be done. I am not saying that life does not happen, and at this point I don`t care what she has done or not done, she should send my pieces to me. Sorry for the rant, but I am just a small bit pissed about this!! lol
Back to sewing and calming down!


Holee said...

I was wondering where you have the basement!

If life got in the way, she should have quit at that point, returned what she had and told herself to not join anything until her life is in order.

I'm getting really Tight as.... when it comes to all the excuses people come up with. Ya know the Do Not Call List..well I want a Do not include list!

You wrote a nice post compared to what I'd write. Like: Sally Jane has my swap stuff and needs to send it on to me now. OR; Sally Jane screwed up the swap I'm in and kept all the stuff!

Shogun said...

Tammy - Luckily I don't have a basement so it can never get full of stuff. I am ready to mail my mini off to you tomorrow. Hope you like it. Ali

Irish Kathi said...

I should be that clean my basement.
I didn't realize there was any issues in your CQ RR group. I was lucky to have had a great group.
How are you after your fall last week?

The Long Arm of Stitches, LLC said...

Tammy, There is not an excuse in my book not to at least sendt he block on. You know the problem I had last year in the Secret SIster swap with the one who sent to me. She has been back to the boards and signed up for a few more swaps and then disappears for weeks and then comes back. I just don't understand how people can't follow through and still sign up for swaps. I hope you get your blocks back soon.

Shogun said...

So I keep checking my delivery confirmation status on the mini I mailed to you and it seems like time is going so slowly! The suspense is getting to me. It is listed as 'en route' so I know it is on its way to you - let's hope they arrive on the same day.

everythingquilts said...

Hi, Thought I'd stop by while I actually had a minute to read what you've been up to. Oh my, sounds to me like you and Cliff have to same "keep everything" in common. He brings it in, I take it out. His solution is to build more buildings. I'm glad to hear you were able to let go and give things up. Now, if you will just tell Cliff how good that felt maybe just maybe he could part with some of his things.

I'm sorry that you haven't received your block back. I agree if they don't have time to work on it just send it on home. I avoid all swaps I'm not positive I can follow through with. I won't be joining in too many swaps between now and Christmas because I have too much to get done before then as it is. I hope your block is safe and finds it's way home soon.

I sure wish I was coming up with Kathy and Talia, but I just have too many commitments this Summer. I know you'll are going to have a blast.

Shogun said...

Make sure you all see the beautiful mini quilt that Tisme made for me (on my blog). Thank you VERY much - it's beautiful.

Lisa said...

I didn't know about your CQ RR I'm sorry.. This was my first time doing the CQ RR. There were a few blocks I was a bit scared to do more then a seam or two, but I did do some work and send the block on it's way. I couldn't sleep at night knowing I haven't sent someone's block back to them...
Last year my mom had a SS who sent late and sent junk that wasn't worth $5. The SS wasn't a quilter nor had she been on the site for any period of time. Mom's gave up on swaps now.
I agree with Holee there needs to be a DO Not include list Yahoo groups have them why not on HGTV??
We need more protection to prevent this.
Off my box top..

Sherry said...

Sam just built a 40' w x 40' l x 16' h metal building on a concrete slab. Electricity hooked up this morning. Two large overhead doors are being installed as I type. The attic gets cleaned out - yippee!

NONE of the stuff up there is mine except some old Christmas lights. Texas summer heat is too hot to store good stuff. Sam will have quite a lot of throwing away to do.

I have several boxes of things from when my son was little. Sam keeps wanting to put them in the attic or give them to my son. "I" saved the items. They are "mine" until I say they go. When son settles down and quits moving...marries...has a baby...then most of it will become his...what his wife will want anyway.

I finally took the boxes out of the guest room closet and stacked them in the floor of my stash closet. BTW the guest closet is 3' deep and 11' long. And should I mention what is in the boxes he has in there?

Months later he brought it up again...boxes in the guest room closet that needed to be cleaned out of the guest room closet. I looked at him. "They ARE gone." He looked blank.

I sorted things, packed things better, had two computer boxes left. I don't throw away good boxes. So he thought those two lonely empty boxes still had stuff in them. He doesn't know that my son's boxes are still in the house.

Our little secret!

Sherry said...

LOL THAT went on forever didn't it?! I'm sorry.