Wednesday, July 1, 2009

car accidents, crazy at work

I think sometimes that my life will never slow down!! Last week I had a really nice two days off. My husband took off for vacation days and we spent the time riding the bike (harley) and went to visit the Flight 93 memorial near Somerset. It was a very moving tribute to those 40 people who gave their lives to save so many others.
The next day we went to Wheels and Wings party in Ebensburgh, we took my 66 Mustang and had great food and a good time. Then finally we went with some other friends to Thunder in the Valley, a biker event in Johnstown. The event is about 200,000 bikers from all over the place.
Well everytime I get some nice relaxing time, it seems like all hell breaks loose soon after. My sons decided on Monday to go to the local town for some dinner and maybe buy a new game for the X-Box, well five minutes after they leave my older son calls and says they have been in an accident!! I drive there as fast as possible, get stopped about 1/2 way up the hill and just pull over, leave the car and run up the hill. My youngest son is laying on the ground, white as a ghost. His right arm is brush burned from shoulder to the finger tips. He is confused and not sure what happened. My older son, the one that was driving was bruised, but ok.
The ambulances came and made the great decision to take one child very close to my home and the other child to a different hospital 35 miles away!! Well I had to go with Joey as he is a minor. They did x-rays, cat scans and put a cast on his arm. He broke his arm at the growth bone in his wrist. Well today we go to the specialist, and they take off the temporary cast and in the hospitals wisdom, they had put the cast on with no dressing (vaseline, ointment or something). So as my child sat on the table and they peeled cotton dressing off of a brushburn along with skin, scabbing and lots of blood!! They poured bottles of hydrogen peroxide onto the cotton to try to get it off. It took almost an hour to get it off and he was in severe pain. They had to put a removable cast on his wrist, so we could take it off and keep ointment on the brushburns. But he will be ok, and for that I thank God.
Did not mean for this to get so long, but wanted to tell the story. Will give accident details later. And the continueing saga of Joey. :)


Holee said...

OMG, Tammy, I am so sorry to hear this. It really makes a mothers heart race when she hears something like this on the other end of the phone.

He was lucky, but that never makes it feel better. Let us know how things are going.

Shogun said...

Tammy, what a terrifying thing to have happen! I am so sorry this happened. Please let us know what happens. How did your son handle it when they tried to remove the cast? I am happy they are both alive and doing well. I'll be checking back for updates.

Sherry said...

The injuries and the pain to your heart will heal. Thank God the injuries weren't life threatening.

everythingquilts said...

OMG that must have been the scariest thing to have to go through. I can't imagine getting a call like that, pray I never do. I was relieved to read on and hear there were only injuries. Okay no one wants to see their child in pain but I thank God that's all it was.