Sunday, November 16, 2008

What I am working on

Well I did quite a bit of hand work this week. I did a lot of embroidery and beading on a Crazy Quilt round robin that I am in. I can`t show it, as it is not to be shown until the end of this RR. That will be in about seven months.
I am also doing a crochet item for a swap on the crochet boards, and that will be a surprise for the recipient around the first of December. I will post some pics of that as soon as she recieves it.
I bought a 1/4 inch foot for my sewing machine and am going to work on doing red and white blocks for a swap as soon as I unbury my machine from all the CQing I am working on.
I don`t know about the rest of the CQers out there, but when I work on CQing, I make a huge mess!! I have so much stuff for embellishing, and fabrics. I get out all my boxes and decide want I want to use. Sometimes I get ideas real fast and sometimes it takes a few days or weeks to make up my mind. I lay things against the fabrics and sometimes I just start stitching and go from there. I bought those plastic shoe boxes from the local dollar store and at this time, have about 20 of them full of stuff. Everytime I try to organize, I get tired of it and start just shoving things in the boxes! That is great until I am looking for something, that I KNOW I have and can not find it. Oh well at sometime I will get them all organized. And the good thing is that I find things I forgot I had! lol
Well back to working on the last of my CQ ornaments for mailing this week.


Holee said...

Tammy, I gave up on organization with CQing! I also have those plastic shoe boxes. I got sick of all the little containers and bags for beads so now I just dump them all by size into the shoe boxes! SML & fancy! It's so much easier to see what I want to use.

I also have one huge container for CQ fabric..I just dump it out on the floor so I can see all the pretties.

The older I get the less organized I want to be..I want to see it all at once so I don't have to dig for something.

lani said...

Just spend some time going over your blog so many times you are blessed and the nice thing is you are aware of your shares...I have never crazy quilted sounds fun...I have been quilting for about 7 years but have never gone out of my comfort zone Im hoping the blogging will bring me new friends and newer advententures..your pay it forward friend...lani