Friday, January 16, 2009


And that really sums it up how I feel today. We had no heat at work all day and it was minus 4 with windchill outside at about 20 below. It was 40-45 in the restaurant where I am the manager. We froze. I am in awe of the people that have to work outside in these kind of conditions. I can not even imagine how cold they are. The guys that worked on my heating system throughout the day, spent most of their time on the roof working in that cold. I was ashamed to complain that we were cold!!
You can not believe how good my HOT shower felt tonight. I didn`t want to get out.
So the next time you see someone outside working in the heat or cold, smile, wave, whatever you can do, to show you appreciate what they do for us!!


Holee said...

I'm a little more north then you Tammy. It has been -9 all day. Tonight it's calling for -24.

Today I left a thermos full of hot chocolate on the mailbox for the mailman. He stopped later in the day to give back the empty thermos and say thanks. He said that was a first for him. Hmmm, I've been doing that for years. It must be a Philly thing.

Stay warm! Drive careful! It's going to warm up to 10 tomorrow!

Shirley said...

HI Tammy - love your blog - I
am so glad you visit mine, and have joined the Learningfa group. We do have lots of fun, and I hope you enjoy yourself.


Lori Anderson Designs said...

My dad works on huge air compressors, and he either freezes or fries. It's hard work!

Maggie R said...

Thumbs dowm on winter!!!
I'm up here in Southern, Ontario, Canada, about 2 hours from Toronto! We have had sooooooo much snow this winter and very cold,
Check my blog for pictures of my deck!! It's even worse since I took those pictures, at least up to my hips!!It was minus 10 to-day which has warmed up a whole lot.
I just hunker down in my studio and enjoy myself and watch the birdies at the feeders.... They sure are a hungry lot. DH fills the feeders almost every day..Anyway gals... There are better days ahead and Spring is only 50 days away!!!!

Karen South said...

The winter storms this year seem to be even more extreme than usual. I'm ready for spring!

Diane said...

Hi Tammy!
It's hard for me to imagine these frigid temperatures while living in Southern California. I've never lived in temperatures like that. It would be extremely difficult.
Thanks for visiting my blog. You're in for the drawing on February 12th. Good luck & please do visit again.
Hugs, Diane

JK said...

Thanks darlin for visiting my blog. Nice surprise, I don't see many newbies on there.

I'll upload some other pics for you later. I hope they inpsire you and if you are like me, I need all the inspiration I can get. ;)