Monday, February 2, 2009

Punxsutawney Phil

First off, today is Groundhog Day!! As I was born and raised in Punxsy, I must bow to wondrous Phil, and tell you all there will be six more weeks of winter weather.
I loved growing up in Punxsy, it is very small town. We use to go up on Gobblers Knob a lot back then, there was a few hundred people that would make the trek every year. We even had the day off of school if we wanted to go. Now, there are always like thousands of people from all over the world!! It has grown huge. Back in the old days lol, we use to drink at the bars and then go up and just keep drinking, there would be kegs of beer and a lot of young people having fun. Now you can not drink up there at all. I am really glad that so many people visit Gobblers Knob, but it is just to crowded for me now. If you ever get a chance to go to Punxsy on February 2nd, go, you will enjoy it. Also if you are there anytime, take a look around at all the things that are related to Phil. I will get my husband to take my picture with my Punxsutawney Phil shirt and post it later tonight or tomorrow.


Holee said...

Tammy, I must say the people in western Pa. have more cold weather guts them those of us born on the east coast of Pa.

All my memories are from summers in Philly.In the winter, city people stay inside, lol

This is my 4th winter out here. This coming weekend Franklin is having "Franklin on Ice"..I can't even imagine going out my front door and the park is acrossed the street! They will be carving ice statues for prizes. I'll be sending my son over with the camera!

I looked up that quilt shop. They have stuff I want! Is that a surprise? Maybe I can get my son to take me. He buys all his gloves from the factory in Brookville.

tisme said...

Holee, definetely get your son to take you if he goes for gloves. The shop is awesome, my friend says! I will take some pictures for you when I go.
We western PA people are kind of use to this weather, we have to find fun where we can. lol
I remember going tubing in the snow. You should get pictures of the ice statues, they usually are fantastic works of art.

LongArmStitches said...

Hey lady, Tell Phil when you see him that I am gunning for him! I wanted snow for Christmas and didn't get it. Ilove snow and I love to drive in it but enough is enough. We receive 6 inches of snow last week then over an inch of ice then 4 more inches of snow all in a 24 hour period. Now yesterday we recieved 8.5 inches of snow. Tell Phil for me that enough is enough!