Friday, February 20, 2009

won`t update!!

I don`t know why my blogs that I am watching in my side bar will not update!!! I have them all showing old posts and I have to click on them to get the newest postings. Has anyone else had this problem? And how did you solve it.
Thanks for any and all help.


Lisa said...

I had the same problem but only with a few.. I deleted the site from the list and reloaded it... If it's your whole list highlight and copy the list and paste it in word and then copy and paste each one back in the list...

Hope it works for you


Holee said...

Someone needs to tell Bingo Bonnie that her site is down.

Here is what I was told to do. Sometimes you need to just save again.

Go to dashboard and click on the problem part/parts. Just click save. Then go off the blog site and come back in..that should fix it.