Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! but don`t read if you want a happy story!

I want to wish all my friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Sometimes I think about the things in my life that are not good things. And blame these things on life, and the hell we go through. My sister and brother have Huntingtons Disease, which is a horrible hereditary disease. My father died at 48 with it, and my brother is 42, and not long for this world. My sister was 46 last week, she will not see 50, of this I am sure. She fell about five times in the last few days, and her face is all black and blue. What did my family do to deserve this? I don`t know, but we must have been horrible in a past life. My mother cared for my father until he died, she is caring for my brother now, and doing what she can for my sister, who refuses to leave her home. She is over 70 and has always been a very strong woman, but even she is down now, and I don`t think anyone could blame her. She has always been the glue that held our family together. I need her to keep me strong too.
I am sorry this is not the story you wanted to hear for Thanksgiving, but it is mine.
I am THANKFUL for all my friends online and the ones I have met in person. I am so very thankful that I have my Mom.
BUT, the thing I am most thankful for is that since I do not have Huntingtons, my children don`t have to worry about getting it.


Sherry said...

Diseases are hell...for the person with the disease...for the family. My dad died from ALS. We are fortunate that it was not familial. But that does very little to make up for the fact that he had it.

I'll say an extra prayer for your mother's strength and a prayer of praise for you, your children, and future generations dodging this bullet.

shawkl said...

Life is certainly not always a great ride! I'm thankful that your mom is a strong woman, who obviously has gone above and beyond to do all she can. Yes, you need her strength...and I'm sure that she needs yours.

She deserves some chocolate! How about we start a huge call out for chocolate presents sent her way!!

I promise not to cook anything...I'll buy mine! Wouldn't want her to get sick on top of all she does!

Just let me know, seriously...wouldn't that be fun!

Or, is she allergic?

Butterfly said...

Sending you lots of hugs and prayers for your family.
Hope you get to enjoy a happy Thanksgiving with your family.


elsie123 said...

Your family has and is going through some difficult times. We appreciate our health all the more when there are others who aren't as fortunate.

I know you're giving thanks that your children won't be facing this.

Penny said...

What a blessing for you that you have a strong mom. I can't imagine her despair when two of her children came down with the desease that killed their father. She must be so gratful that you dodged that bullet. I am sorry for the difficulty your family faces and hope this is a good Thanksgiving that you will have to look forward to in years to come.