Friday, November 27, 2009

I have more to be Thankful for!

When I did my last posting, I was feeling down for the holiday. And really concerned for my Mom. She was just so upset about my brother, and my sister. Well anyway, my friend Kathy saw my post and she had an idea. What if she asked all the ladies at HGTV to send my Mom a card, chocolate, or something to cheer her up for the holidays.
WELL, let me tell you, when Kathy emailed me and asked me what I thought of the idea, I thought it would be great! And since my Mom is a quilter, and we are asking quilters to do this, why not just ask for a 12.5 piece of fabric added to the cards.
She will get a great quilt out of it, and she will not feel all alone.
Kathy posted the request on the HGTV quilting board, and told them to PM me for my Moms address!!! OMG, that was on Wednesday night! Since then we have had over 85 requests for her address. She is going to be flipping out in just a few days, as some have already mailed out today. One of the ladies told me she just joined the board, and had missed out on being a Secret Sister, or in the Christmas exchanges, so she was adopting my Mom for Christmas this year and sending her a package!
The best thing is I feel better already knowing how good this is going to make my Mom feel! And knowing, what I have known for a long time, QUILTERS are the BEST!!


elsie123 said...

I for one am glad to send her a square of fabric...I can imagine the look on her face when she starts getting all these cards! My mother's been gone for several years now, and I thank you for letting me borrow yours, even if only for a little while. :)

Thearica said...

Tammy..I have your mom a box with more than just a square...I hope she likes the choices I made for her. Maybe she can use the larger cut for her quilt backing. I really wish you and your family happier times and the very best holiday season.

everythingquilts said...

Tammy, I agree quilters are the best, next to moms that is! Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday!!

JessicaSews said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tammy!

Your family is in our thoughts and
prayers. What a loving mom you have!

Lifting each other up
as friends do!
~ Jes

Shogun said...

And I am thankful to have met YOU.
Thanks for sharing such a personal story.

I also hope she likes my choices :)
I chose two very different with red in them so that hopefully one might be one she likes.

Sherry said...

The number of participants just keep on climbing! I am amazed too. I think it is because we all want to be strong like your mother is. I was about to tell you that I mailed my squares yesterday, but I didn't! Here they sit on a corner of my cutting table. They will go out tomorrow though!

Nuts?! ME nuts? LOL I do resemble that remark on occasion!! Seriously LOL ;o)