Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our visit

Well, Lois, Holee and I had a great day yesterday! Spent an hour or so shopping at the quilt shop, everyone got some beautiful fabrics, but Lois hit the jackpot! lol
(she spent the most) Lois is working on a black and white quilt, so everytime she sees a black and white fabric, that she does not have, she buys some.
Then it was off to the truck stop restaurant to have lunch and give her the big surprise. Awhile back I talked to Lois about how Holee is redoing that big old house and has no walls in most rooms, let alone anything on them. Anyway Lois started a private message among the mini swappers that Holee has been hostessing, and asked them to make a mini for Holee. She was going to make up a box and send it to her. I of course could not miss the chance to see Holee and get her reaction when she got to see all those great minis! I was not disappointed. :) She loved them all.
If you check out Holees blog, she posted them all. She does so much for others, that is was great seeing her receive.

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Shogun said...

I wish I could have been there with you!