Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great news and a great day with my Mom!

I spent all day Thursday with my mom. My Mom is the best lady in the world!! Some of you know that my brother and sister both have Huntingtons disease. My mom takes care of my brother and has for the last ten years or so. She took care of my Dad who had the same disease for ten years before he passed away at the age of 48. She also has had cancer four different times in different spots in her body. Last week she had a report of a lump in her remaining breast, we were all so scared she had cancer again.
BUT, on Wednesday she went to the doctors and it is NOT cancer!!! Thank you God!!
So on Thursday, I went up and spent the whole day with my Mom. We went to see my sister who is still able to be home by herself. Then we did some shopping and went to the local Janome dealer and checked out their machines. I have an appointment in June after I go to the retreat to look at the Janome 6600P! And as badly as I want that machine, spending the day with my Mom was even better!!


Penny said...

OMG - I can feel your joy spilling through the internet. You really love your mom - she sounds like a saint! I'm thrilled for your great news!

everythingquilts said...
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everythingquilts said...

Tammy, your mother must be one amazing lady. I'm not familiar with Huntington's disease but hate to hear that it has affected so many in your family. I'm happy that your mother got a good report from the doctor and you will be able to rest that worry. There can't be nothing better then spending time with your mother. I lost my mother at a very young age and have never been able to fill the void I was left with. I'm happy the both of you got to spend quality time together and wish you and your family the best. I also hope you get the machine of your dreams, you can have both you know!
Sorry for deleting but i had to edit!!

Holee said...

Great day Tammy. Nothing better then getting a clean bill of health!

I love to hear you speak of your Mom in such a loving way and Donna has the same kind of love for her sisters.

I don't know what that kind of love feels like. My Mother gave me away. But, I have always enjoyed people who had so much love that they could openly share it.

Oh, get the machine! You'll enjoy every hour you use it!

Sherry said...

Your mother does sound like a marvelous lady! I am do glad for all of you that she got the good report.

Thank you for visiting my blog. The freeze we had last night didn't bother the bluebonnets but it did get the azaleas. They were beautiful while they lasted.