Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My best friend sent me this!!

I had met a wonderful lady online last year, we just seemed to connect from the very first PM. We are so much alike, it was uncanny. I got to go out and spend sometime with her in person. We are like sisters, but even better. lol
Anyway, we decided instead of doing the secret sisters on our HGTV board, that we would pack a special box for each other every month. It is a ball shopping for her, we have the same interests, so it is so easy to pick out things for her.
WELL this month she sent me this fantastic needlecase made by another friend from the board. If you have not seen work done by Nickilee, you need to check out her blog for the fantastic crazy quilting she does. And don`t forget to look at all the hand dyed laces she sells. Her blog link is on my list at the right. My best friend Joyce commissioned this piece for me and one in blues for herself. And of course mine, is in my favorite color--purple!
We are going to the retreat in New Hampshire in just a few weeks and I can not wait to see her again. We of course are rooming together and I am sure little sleep will be gotten. rofl So NTQuilter, get lots of rest now, you are going to need it!!!


Thearica said...

You are so lucky to receive such a gift from Nicki! She sent my mom one of her needlecases when she came home from the hospital and it was all I could do to bring it home with me. It was gorgeous! Mom loves it!! My SIL tried to lay claim to it too...We ALL loved it!

LongArmStitches said...

I am so glad that you liek it. I thought that since you do alot of hand work (CQ and stuff) that this would be a perfect gift and Nicki really does do beautiful work. I am bringing mine to the retreat with my needles in it and other items for the one class. I can't wait to see you again!!!!