Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my bag, 30 FQers giveaway, and my mini!!

I have lots to post about today, so first off I won this great bag from a fellow blogger. Ginnyquilts. She does great bags and sells them on Etsy. I got to pick the one I wanted or she would design one just for me. I had already seen this one on her shop and loved it. It came yesterday and is even better looking then the picture.
Then this week, I also got my mini from MyJack, she was my partner in the mini swap that my friend Bea hosted on HGTV. She did a fantastic job on my mini, and it is in my favorite color also. I love red fabric!!! I also love purple!!
Now the other thing you need to know about is Quiltoholic`s giveaway!!!!
Her daughter is turning 30 and in honor of that, she is giving away 30 FQers on her blog. You can link to that by using the Pigtail & Quilts link at the side of my blog.
So hop on over there and check out her work and sign up.
I will add the pictures for my mini and bag as soon as I go upstairs, so just check back in a few minutes if you get here before I get off the couch.
Tammy :)


Thearica said...

Thanks for the shout out for the give away on my blog! :)

Holee said...

First...I love your monkeys! How special to have a needle case made by Nicki.

You got a beautiful quilt. She had PM'd me to ask if it fit into the mini sure does!

Love the purse and look at all those pockets inside! Great for the trip to the retreat.