Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home from the retreat!

Wow!! It has been a fantastic 5 days!!! I got home about 1 am last night and was exhausted. BUT, it was so worth being sleep deprived. The committee in New Hampshire did a great job!! SHAWKL, Quiltingbee, and Quiltahohlic did a great job with the presentations, and the quilts they showed took our breaths away. When 70 ladies get together, there is just no way to descibe how fantastic it is. (I should add 70 quilting ladies) We got to reconnect with friends we met at previous retreats, and meet new ones this time.
I took classes in shuttle tatting from IowaLisa, and learned some things I was doing wrong, and that practice, practice, practice is the best thing to do. She was a great teacher.
I also took bullion and stumpwork from Brinnsmom. That poor lady had lost her voice before the retreat, but kept right on teaching, and I did learn how to do the bullion stitch. She did a fantastic job, and had great handouts printed so we can keep working on those stitches.
The other class I took was ATCs and Inchies from Toryam, she is such a cute little thing. We all had a ball making those teeny tiny work of arts.
We only had time for three classes, but all of the teachers were there to answer questions, and show us a few tips from their classes. Colleen taught Clay faces, and I did not get to take that class, but she graciously showed us how to do it in the B & B on Sunday night.
I got to sit beside Pegsami and BJeanes at the table quite a bit of the time, and they are both fun ladies. Pegsami and I had coffee together every morning! Her name is not Peg, but to me she will be Peg forever. :) She was so funny!! The only single room that was available was in the B & B was the handicapped room, so that is where she was. We teased her about it all week, and she didn`t mind at all.
If I name all the ladies that I had a ball with, this would go on way to long, so I just want to add a few things.
I loved finally getting to meet Donna (everythingquilts) she is just like I thought she was going to be, and that was great!
Dixielady is an absolute hoot, and we had a ball with her. Her daughter Taylor went with us a few times, and cute as can be. We went to a few bead shops with her, and laughed so hard, I almost peed myself. Just don`t listen to her GPS, because as Taylor says, it is illiterate!! lol She is not kidding!!!
There is just too much and too many more things to say today, but I am sure I will be adding lots more as I wake up and remember them!! :)
Joyce and I roomed together and were the perfect match!!! That is if you remember The Odd Couple, they loved each other. BTW, I am Oscar, she is not near as bad as Felix, but you could definetly see the difference in her stuff compared to how mine was all over the room.
AND yes I found the smarties and ate them!!! :)


Holee said...

I missed you all so much! I didn't see you or Donna or Becky in any of the posted photo's and was wondering where you all were!

Shawkl doesn't look anything Like I pictured her. I always had her in my mind as a stuffy business lady all dressed up in a suit...She looks like someone I would like instead! It was great to see bluesnail since she is my mini partner this time..tiny little lady!

I can't wait for everyone to get rested up and tell us all about the weekend!

Irish Kathi said...

OMG! I loved seeing you again! Never enough time to get it all done in so few days. The weekend allows more time...hope to figure some more blog issues out and get you on my list! OPEGON here we come!

Cat said...

Nice to meet you in blogland!

I want to ask "Is THAT YOUR bike?" but I won't. : ) You look good on it though. Glad to meet another rider/quilter!
Glad you had fun at the quilt retreat.
Smiles, Cat

The Long Arm of Stitches, LLC said...

You were the perfect room mate. I can't wait to do it again, it was a blast and you made it that way. LOL

Shogun said...

I so wish I could have been at the retreat! Maybe someday. I have finally started your mini quilt for the swap though! Shogun

bingo~bonnie said...

I'm just not making it around blog land and I probably should have posted to my own first... but I feel so behind and overwhelmed.

It is so fun reading everyone's posts abotu their fun they had at COF :) yours, NTQuilter, Quiltaholic.... are jsut a few that I've read so far.

I am so glad we got to meet and now that I started the thread for everyone to post their photo link.... and who's on Facebook.... I feel like I should now go back and make a list of those of us that went to the COF who have BLOGS too! and make a list :)

yep that's the nerd in me... lists, lists, lists :) Talk to you soon. and kick me in the but to get upto date on my own blog would ya? LOL

Love from Texas! ~bonnie