Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it time for the retreat yet???

This has been like the week from hell!!! I went into work early on Friday, as my head cooks Dad was taken to the emergency room and she had to leave work. We were very, very busy. Somehow I got a homefry,(small potato) on the bottom of my shoe. I slid and almost fell twice, seriously jarring my back and neck. It is still very sore.
Easter Sunday- heat in front of restaurant goes out, water backs up the drain, flooding the dish area, plunge for like two hours, great for the back, finally get the water to go down, pull plug on dishwasher so I can go home and have Easter Dinner!! Dish room floods again.
Monday- Heating and Refridgeration guy comes, fixes heat, plumbers come fix drain, heating guy decides to put new cooler doors on deli cooler at lunch time!! He sits on a milk crate in front of cooler, which is in the middle of my grill area. We need to work around him and it is a very small area. not fun
Tuesday- state inspector comes in to inspect, (we passed with flying colors) computer guys come in, shut down computers for hours. All orders must be handwritten, handed to cooks, prices looked up, taxes added. Finally get to go home 11 hours later.
Wednesday- nice day, go home at decent hour, already have 40 hours and it is only Wednesday!!!
OH, almost forgot, family decided on Easter, they didn`t know when I would get home, so they ate without me. I got a leftover plate!!
I so badly need this retreat!!!!!!!
IS IT THE 23RD YET?????????????????

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everythingquilts said...

I know it's not funny. But that last sentence got me and i just had to laugh. I definitely know what you mean. I've had this darn tooth that's been bothering me and was going to try and hold off until after the retreat because I had another tooth the crown fell off of, so knew i needed more work. But that tooth just wasn't going to wait like i wanted it too and after keeping me up all night i went today and told the dentist there won't be no more root canal, no more surgeries, I want this thing out now. So they take x-ray and he told me they both had to come out. OMG it felt so go when he twisted that tooth out, there's only one way to describe how good it felt but i best not say that online. The dentist and assistant laughed so hard at the my reaction. I told them when I get home from NH I want all my teeth pulled but I've never had a tooth pulled before. I can tell you it hurts now that those shots have wore off and I hope I'm better by next week.
I had planned to work on the few last things on my list today but they'll just have to wait.
So one more week, if we can just make it through one more week, we can forget all about our sore back and teeth.